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Pocket Squares




Where No Square is out of pocket!



How much fabric should I send?


Ans. Minimum size 12.5x12.5 inches


Are there ties you will not graft?


Ans. Yes; extra wide and seven fold ties.


What happens if I don’t like what I asked for?


Ans. We want satisfied customers; we have things in inventory , let’ talk about it.


What if the Wrong style is made with my fabric?

Ans. We will make every to please our clients. If we cannot replace with an exact match we will use a fabric that compliments the tie in the style desired.

What is your average turnaround time?

Ans. Because all our squares are handmade allow two weeks for return.


What do you do with the left over scraps of material?

Ans. Scraps are returned if customer wishes.


Do you do rush orders.


Ans. Yes; 7 day turn around-Call and talk with us.






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