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We form partnerships with all our clients. It is our goal to understand your style to the extent that you will feel comfortable having our team periodically make recommendations just for you. We have put together some outstanding ensembles for others and would like to have you as a charter club member.




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Tie Grafting is a process where the long extender part of the tie is removed and replaced with another extender piece to complete the original length. With the removed piece we form the pocket square. This is an option when you don’t have the matching fabric and want a matching silk. Obviously, we are limited to some basic styles because of fabric limitations. You are limited to the following styles: square 1, square 2 and straight. We do not graft seven fold or extra wide ties. $75

Polarity is achieved when we combine a tie and pocket square that have the same color signatures but totally different patterns. When done well the look is a refined. Use standard price structure.

Reverse Polarity simply means the same. I credit my wife with this application. Ties with sophisticated patterns have a hidden underside that when exposed often reveal some absolutely stunning patterns. Comparing the underside with the front side you’ll find the colors the same but the color dominance is opposite. The pattern is the same but exaggerated. When the reverse side and the top side come together in a tie and pocket square combination the synergy creates more than a sophisticated look, it creates a mood.
Because the under side is where all the stitching and weave work comes together pocket squares made with the process are quite delicate. Extra care is needed to avoid pulls . Reverse polarity is a graft $75

Free Style -In our design family free style is like the middle child. It’s not like the others. Free style dances to the beat of a different drummer with just a little more attitude. With this design concept we use the corners from a stock pocket silk. We form the pocket square allowing the nice edge stitching to take center stage.$27

Outlines- We can create a solid accent outline to compliment your pattern. We supply the silk for this application. Add $10 to standard price structure.






For all published prices client must supply fabric. For the SquareThis Experience we supply fabric. Add 2 dollars to standard price.

Straight $12.99

Sq 1 $15.99
Sq 2 $17.99
Sq 3 $19.99
Sq 4 $21.99

Slant 3 $23.00
Puff $15.99

4 pt Rooster $25.99
5 pt Rooster $27.99

Wings $27.00
Classic $25.99
Royal Crown $29.99


Tie grafts $75.00- this includes pocket square.


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